We believe that Quality is the most  important aspect of complexity management. It is cross-departmental, forward looking, customized, tailored, and project related. Our Quality Assurance Philosophy helps us to deliver to our customers.

Being vertically integrated, we manage all our processes in house, under our own control. By doing so, it is for us of utmost important that we think “outside the box”, which  means that we work closely, hand in glove, with each other. Though it sound easy and plausible it requires a high standard of organisation and a culture of  cooperation which we are very pleased to have developed over the years. The results are obvious: a high quality standard, quick solution making, competent communication to and with suppliers and customers. This is what our customers say –  it would be presumptuous of us to say this ourselves!

We run a quality assurance system monitoring a large number of parameters. This is only a basic tool though – more important, because it is EFFECTIVE, is the joint evaluation of the information given. Only in an analytical and integrated discussion by the specialists from different departments have we gained over the years a store of knowledge which we can use to assure our quality for the one and only purpose – guaranteeing  reliability for our customers.