Penn decided to conduct an analysis of Environmental Performance in Life Cycle Perspective of Penn Textile Solution in Padernborn – Germany and Penn Italia in Bregnano – Italy.

The main scope of the analysis is to get a database to monitor environmental management in both Penn’s sites and, based on this, make an improvement plan.
The database is also useful for comparing the data collected in the reporting with main industry standards.

The reporting period is 2018-2021.
Although the two sites are physically separate, within the analysis they were considered as a single productive reality, because they are part of the same process.

Production per year (meters of knitted fabrics):
   - 2018: 1.987.000
   - 2019: 1.931.537
   - 2020: 1.699.197
   - 2021: 2.000.636

The analysis is structured by the method of Life Cycle Perspective and divided in 3 main stages: Upstream, Core and Downstream.